Train your mind to train your body

In today’s blog post we discuss the importance of developing mental toughness in your CrossFit training which will translate into all aspects of your life. It has been shown that mental toughness is a primary indicator for success in sport, work and life. Which boils down to the fact that mindset matters and having the right mindset will dramatically advance your fitness and lifestyle.

So, what is mental toughness?

Mental toughness relates to a mindset that is focused on blocking the negative thoughts and emotions in order to finish according to plan. The bottom line is that it is the grit and resilience that keeps you moving forward despite circumstances. An important note here is that you need to have a plan or idea of what you want to do. Setting goals and mental toughness go hand in hand and once you’ve committed to the goal it becomes easier to overcome negative thoughts and keep moving forward.

How does CrossFit help develop mental toughness?

CrossFit workouts are characterized by functional movements performed at a high intensity level. This means that you are pushing your body to perform while putting your

anaerobic system to the test. During these workouts it is easy for negative thoughts and emotions to slip in and prevent you from performing your best. As many of you may already know, the body only performs as well as the mind lets it and that is where mental toughness comes into the picture. At CrossFit Uhuru we have dedicated coaches who will push you through the darkest parts of your workout and keep you focused and motivated to continue training and getting the most out of your workout. We believe in the never give up spirit so closely aligned with CrossFit while still having fun. Yes, we do believe that your hardest workouts can also be the most fun. When you go through a particularly tough workout and you complete it a surplus of endorphins are released and a cognitive re-shuffling takes place. You become increasingly aware that despite how tough a situation might be, if you put your head down and get working you’ll get through it. This is one thing that our members have come to love about CrossFit, the confidence to get through tough situations, whether that be an intense AMRAP or stressful personal life situation.

What about mental toughness in life?

As we alluded to in the beginning, mental toughness can be built in the gym but translates to all aspects of your life. Which leads us to a challenge. There is a popular concept called The Five Second Rule and no it’s not about dropping your food on the floor. This concept described by Mel Robbins states that when you have to do something and you don’t want to just count backwards from five and by one you should already be doing that task. This means that there’s not enough time for your brain to talk you out of doing something before it’s already in motion. So next time your alarm goes off in the morning, before hitting snooze start counting down and by the time you hit one your feet should be firmly placed on the ground as you launch yourself into the new day. And that’s the challenge, next time you are faced with a task you know you’ll want to talk yourself out of, just start counting down and let that momentum do its magic.

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