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Protein pancakes – the ultimate breakfast to combat your sweet cravings

Heritage weekend has just passed and for many of us that means countless braais, beers and snacks. It is good to have a weekend with friends and family and good food and that won’t derail you from the progress you’ve made so far. So let’s get back into the box and get our nutrition back on track. To help you get the week started on the right foot why not try this delicious protein pancake recipe. It’s quick and easy and you will fill you for longer while satisfying you’re craving for delicious and nutrition food (Plus they are low-carb, need I say more).

These banana protein pancakes are light, fluffy and tasty. Although they have a slightly different consistency to your standard pancake they bring a unique punch to your breakfast. Topped off with some fresh fruit and honey, we are sure you’ll add this as a staple to your morning routine.


40 g protein powder (vanilla works best but you can mix it up) *

1 large banana

A pinch of cinnamon & salt

¼ teaspoon of backing powder

2 large eggs

A splash of honey


Separate your egg whites into a bowl and beat them on high for approx. 2 minutes or until they form soft peaks (i.e. barely hold their shape when you raise the whisk/beater to form a peak in your mixture).

In a separate bowl beat the egg yolk and other ingredients until the mixture is smooth.

Gently fold the egg white mixture (1/3 of the mixture first and slowly combine, then add a little more and repeat until all the egg whites are mixed in and everything is well combined).

In a hot pan cook the pancakes for 60 – 90 seconds per side (or until lightly golden).

Top off with your choice of fresh fruit, honey and/or yoghurt.


* This recipe has approximately 22g of protein per serving to help you through those tough workouts.

Hope you enjoy the pancakes and see you back in the box ready for another week of hard work.

Yours in Fitness,

CrossFit Uhuru

**This recipe is a combination of The Creative Bite and our personal experience.

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