Gyms are OPEN!

Welcome back. We can honestly say that we’ve been dreaming about this day for the last four months and we are so excited to welcome our beloved members, new and old, back to CrossFit Uhuru!

So, you’re back in the gym – but what does that mean? For some of us it will be an opportunity to showoff your lockdown gains but for many of us we are starting a little further behind than we left off. Don’t worry – that is completely normal and we at CrossFit Uhuru are with you every step of the way. We’ve compiled some tips for you to maximize your gym returns and get your fitness levels back up.

1. Set your fitness goals – knowing what you want to achieve helps you set the path to get there. Write down your fitness goals and make sure that they are attainable and measurable.

2. Take it easy – yes, you heard us correctly. Take the first 21 days as your warm-up period. Re-establish your routine and get your muscles use to using equipment, weights and even just moving in different ways again. You will be stiff and sore, take that as a sign that you’re progressing towards your goals.

3. Focus on your warm ups – we always emphasize the importance of warming up but now more than ever take the time to prepare your body for the workout it is about to perform. This will enable you to complete the workout more comfortable and reduce the risk of injury while maximizing your fitness gains from the workout.

4. Cool downs are equally important – a quick 5 – 10-minute cool down will reduce muscle soreness and speed up your recovery time. This will help you to stay on track and not skip a workout due to stiffness or even injury.

5. Make time for rest and recovery – taking a rest day won’t take away from your fitness but rather speed up your fitness progress. If you’re unsure about your rest days and when you should take them, speak to your coaches but as a general rule of thumb for every three consecutive days of exercise take one day off.

6. Remember to have fun! – This may be the most important point, keeping your workouts fun will keep you coming back for more and ultimately keep your mind and body happy.

Lastly, we just want to take the time to thank all our members for sticking with us through these difficult times. The CrossFit Uhuru family is closer than ever and we are so happy we get to train together (in person) again. If you are interested in joining our family contact us!

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