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Fun family time - workouts with children

As a parent you may be finding it increasingly difficult to schedule in your solo workout time, but don’t let that keep you from smashing your fitness goals and getting your heart rate up! Get the music pumping start a dance party warm-up and get the whole family involved in your workout. This is a great opportunity to spend time together, having fun while reaping a host of activity-related benefits for your kids.

Exercise during childhood refines motor skills, improves movement and makes sure your child has a great night of sleep (which means you get one too 😉). Additionally, exercise strengthens children’s hearts, lungs and muscles, reduces the risk of obesity as adults and creates the habitat of physical exercise which is more easily maintained throughout adolescences and adulthood. Although exercise-based activity isn’t only beneficial in the physical department but also very important in mental health and development. Medical professionals advise that exercise allows children to have a better outlook on life by facilitating the growth of confidence and self-esteem while reducing anxiety and negative thoughts. So how exactly do you exercise with your children? 1. Start by cranking up the music and getting your little (or big) ones excited about the workout. This will also increase your heart rate and makes for a fun and functional warm-up for both you and your children. 2. Use your kids in your workout. Doing push-ups? Why not have them climb onto your back for a weighted version? Or even let them jump over you ever time you go down in your push-up movement. 3. Race them. One way to get your cardio in while having fun. Set-up a little sprint race and see who wins, or make it the best out of 10. 4. Make it a game or obstacle course. You’ll bring out the kid in yourself again while sweating it out in a fantastic workout. 5. Do a simple you go – I go workout with them. Add weights or increase the reps to make it more challenging for you. 6. Play Wii-sport or a similar gaming sport. It’s a great way to exercise while keeping your kids engaged and having fun. 7. Use a jungle gym for your kid to play on while you do an outside workout. If the jungle gym is stable it can double as a great pull-up bar. Don’t forget CrossFit Uhuru offers kiddies fitness classes and your kids are always welcome to come along to your classes. As we all know our youngsters can be our biggest fans cheering us on through those tough workouts! Yours in fitness, CrossFit Uhuru

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