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CrossFit Uhuru: A holistic approach to fitness and family

CrossFit Uhuru is dedicated and passionate about connecting people of all ages, and from all walks of life with one another and themselves through fitness.

We focus on improving performance and athletic ability through the ten principles of CrossFit together with providing tips on nutrition, sleep, recovery, mobility and everything in between to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle. Additionally, we pride ourselves in being community-driven. A core principle which we believe is the cornerstone to sustained physical and mental growth. Our commitment to you is that we will coach, inspire, guide and educate with constant support, sincerity and relentless motivation to push you to your goals.

Our classes consist of personal group training sessions equipped with experienced coaches who will lead you through the movements and exercises to reach your full potential. We focus on keeping the classes small to ensure attentive and personalized coaching while maximizing the group training benefits of encouragement, motivation, structure, accountability and most importantly strengthening and building relationships in a fun and supportive manner. Our motto is “Freedom through Fitness” and at our gym we believe this is attainable through deepening relationships between members and practicing a holistic approach to fitness. So, what exactly does this mean? How do we balance friendship with competition? Or replenishing calories vs fat-loss? Or breaking personal records with rest and recovery?

During the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing blog posts tackling some of these topics on holistic fitness, living a healthy and fit life as well as member testimonials and insights from our coaches.

Yours in Fitness

CrossFIt Uhuru

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