Meet our Professional Coaches!

Coach Louis

He is a Level 2 certified CrossFit Coach and he has been coaching for 6 years. Louis' coaching experience at various boxes has allowed him to harness his passion for engaging with a diverse group of people while doing what he loves - coaching and motivating people to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Louis enjoys keeping the CrossFit standard high and professional. When coaching he has a fun and entertaining way of sharing his CrossFit knowledge and coaching a class.
Louis himself has competed in a few CrossFit competitions including: Last Man Standing, The Battle, Pretoria Throwdown, Nelsparta and United We Stand, where him and his team mates reached finals on numerous occasions.

For that reason Louis is able to understand all levels of CrossFit fitness, from Beginner to Elite. 

Coach Manrico

He has been doing Crossfit since 2015.
In 2017 he spent a year training and learning from  CrossFit Games athletes  in Las Vegas, USA. This experience taught Manrico how to train like a champion and furthermore how to coach like one without losing your passion.

In 2019 he made top 100 in the SA CrossFit Open, and 
finished in the top 20 Individual Elite male athletes at LMS.

He has been coaching for 4 years and is a Level 1 certified coach. Additionally, Manrico is proudly an Evox Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

Gymnastics is his favorite, especially when coaching it. 
He enjoys a challenging WOD program and loves to see how members push themselves beyond what they believed possible.

"Crossfit is a community that I feel privileged to be a part of and, of course, who doesn’t love a good deadlift!"

Coach Antoinette

Antoinette started her journey in 2013 and joined Crossfit Uhuru in 2018. In 2016 and 2017 she wondered into a bodybuilding format of training but her love for Crossfit prevailed and brought her to her current home - Crossfit Uhuru. She competed in the Crossfit Open in 2015 and 2019 and the Last Man Standing team event in 2019.

Antoinette is a firm believer that Crossfit is the best combination of training styles aimed at daily functionality. Crossfit provides a supportive community where you get to push your limits but it is scaled to every individual.

We are excited to have Antoinette join the coaching staff at Crossfit Uhuru as an assistant coach focusing on ladies’ classes/Crossfit lite. Crossfit gave her the opportunity to build  confidence and she believes that this community is an ideal space for women to feel empowered in their bodies. This is a perfect platform for any person that is either starting their fitness journey or looking for a community of fitness where friends become family.

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