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Freedom Through Fitness

Who are we?

We believe in Freedom Through FitnessCommunity, and Family, which are the three core principles embodying everything we do. 

We strive to provide our members with the highest quality experience using a combination of weight-lifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning that will allow you to excel in everyday life. At CrossFit Uhuru, you will be coached by full-time professionals who are passionate and dedicated to your progress. 

Freedom Through Fitness is a way of life and something that we want to share with you!

100% Results

We offer free introductory classes for you to come and see what CrossFit Uhuru is about and to show you how we can change your fitness journey! 

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Notice Board

20 Aug 2021 | Uhuru Lift Off

Calling all Popeye’s! We want YOU to come and lift some weights. Join us at Uhuru for our Lift-Off in-house competition.

It’s going to be a night filled with lights, action, heavyweights, and cheerful cries. It’s time to put all the hours, weeks, and months of training to the test.

Scared that your legs won’t make that lift? Don’t worry, our coaches have got you covered; over the course of the next 4 weeks, we will be moving into a weightlifting cycle during our class workouts. Our coaches will guide you step by step, fine-tuning your skill and technique to assure that you smash them weights.

There will be different divisions available for everyone to compete in and have fun.

Also, there are some awesome prizes to be won! So, take out those muscles and bring them to the floor for some next-level weightlifting and PB smashing.


Time: 17h00 - 21h00

Weightlifting Categories:

Advanced – It’s time to put balls to the walls. You have been lifting cars since you were 3 years old and have some PB’s that need smashing.

Guideline: Deadlift weight is between 100kg – 150kg + (Female) and 170kg – 230kg + (Male)

Intermediate – You have been here for a while and feel that it’s time to show some weights that you mean business.

Guideline: Deadlift weight is between 60kg – 90kg + (Female) and 120kg – 170kg + (Male)

Novice – You are still new in the Zoo and just want to show up and lift some weights.

Guideline: Deadlift weight is between 30kg – 50kg + (Female) and 80kg – 120kg + (Male)

Weightlifting Movements:

  • Deadlift

  • Back Squat

  • Strict Press

How to book:

  • Book on the Octiv App

  • Weightlifting categories to be chosen on the day of the event.

Image by Anastase Maragos